Friday, February 21, 2020

Our website - Behind the scenes

Our heritage website is run on the platform WordPress. It was designed based on the concept of Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is where the webmasters and editors can manage the website through a user-friendly editing system (Martin, 2019). The most rewarding facility we have on our website is that contributors can submit old photographs, stories, documents and anything that is related to the heritage of our village. They can do this by filling a form with a title and text. They can also add image, video or pdf (Milltown Heritage Group, 2020).

This is a platform of open source archiving and could only be existence by WordPress (2020). Click on our website image to see what ICT did for our small community in Milltown:

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Benefits of ICT for Milltown Heritage Group 

ICT has been hugely beneficial for Milltown Heritage Group in recent years. Having an online presence has opened doors right across the globe. Our heritage website has awakened interest in our diaspora and there has been an increase in genealogical research in the local area. Visitors have come from far and wide. This is good for business as they visit our local restaurants and get to enjoy the heritage of the area. Social media accounts keep their followers updated: Facebook and Twitter.

There are various emerging technologies that would further enhance the heritage of Milltown. Virtual reality has become popular within many museums around the world. There is potential for the heritage group to look at ways they could integrate virtual reality into their collection. Although it is costly, perhaps a funding opportunity may arise in the future. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Milltown Walking Heritage Trail

Milltown Heritage Trail maps pinpoint heritage sites around Milltown.

1. Milltown Heritage Park 
2. Clare River Walk 
3. Lack Mill
4. Children's Burial Groun
5. Sheridan's Wood
6. Millbrook House 
7. The Grand Gates Ambush
8. Fuachta Fiadh 
9. GAA Club
10. Milltown Heritage Centre
11. The Egg Shed Ambush 
12. The Old Handball Alley and the Bridge
13. St. Joseph's Church 
14. Sli na Slainte

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QR Codes would be an additional highlight to include along the heritage trail. For example, walking by the Clare River, there is a descriptive sign about our native Irish fox. If children were wondering whereabouts the fox was, they could scan the QR code to listen to a fox's bark.

Generating a QR code is quite simple and there are many websites that can do this. The QR works as a two way dimensional barcode. Once you scan the QR code on the sign, more detailed information will appear on your phone. Find out more.

Short Film

This short film is about the work Milltown Heritage do. 

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Welcome to Milltown Heritage's Blog

Milltown Heritage Group was set up in 2000 when a small group of people came together. They decided to ask the local community to donate artefacts for a local heritage museum. A collection of over 200 items are now on display. Those who wish to visit the museum can arrange an appointment to view the collection.

Milltown's Museum. Photo by Glynn (2013)

Our website - Behind the scenes

Our heritage website is run on the platform WordPress. It was designed based on the concept of Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is whe...